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Welcome to Ealing Central & Acton Lib Dems

This site has news and information about the Liberal Democrats in the Ealing Central & Acton constituency.

Following boundary changes, the constituency now covers Acton, Southfield, Ealing Common, Walpole, Hanger Hill and Ealing Broadway. The Shepherds Bush part of the previous Ealing, Acton & Shepherds Bush constituency is no longer within our constituency.

Jon Ball, who was the Lib Dem candidate at the general election in May 2010, is the parliamentary spokesperson for Ealing Central and Acton. At the election Jon polled 13,041, which is the highest vote ever recorded for a Liberal or Liberal Democrat in the area; it now requires a swing of just over 5% for the Liberal Democrats to win.

Recent News From Ealing Central and Acton

  • Article: Sep 22, 2014
    In Southfield Ward Focus

    In this September Southfield newsletter you will read about the Thames Water Storm Tanks meeting, the policy for Zone R controlled parking zone refunds and repairs to Acton High Street.

    Controlled Parking Zone (zone R) - refund process
    Many residents are happy that the changes to the timing of the parking zone have come into effect. Some residents have questions about the processes around refunds. We have spoken to Ealing Council to get information which should be helpful if you wish to hand in any old visitors vouchers or replace your annual permit.

    Annual Permits - Annual permits will now cost £50 instead of £80. If you wish to get the new permit you can get a refund for the old permit (pro rata to how long you have left on the old permit). There is an administration fee that Ealing Council (£15) charges so it may not always be beneficial to gain a refund. Action taken by your Liberal Democrat Councillors means there is now no need to send in the old permit, you just have to request a new (replacement) annual permit!

    Visitors Vouchers - if you have any unopened books of visitors vouchers you can hand them back to Ealing Council who will refund the full amount. I am told that partially used books of vouchers cannot be handed back but we are trying to get Ealing Council to also refund these as well.

    Councillor Gary Malcolm said: "I am glad that many residents can get a reduced annual CPZ permit cost and a lower visitors vouchers. This should mean residents can more easily have visitors, carers or people working on their properties, without needing to get huge numbers of of visitors vouchers."

    Thames Water meeting update - 7pm on October 1st
    Many residents living on Greenend Road, Hawkshead Road, Saltcoats Road, Hamilton Road and Worcester Drive have over the summer had to suffer from the bad smells caused by Thames Water's Acton Storm Tanks. The scouts and local families have cancelled BBQs because of the unpleasant smell.

    Local Liberal Democrat Councillor Andrew Steed in conjunction with the Southfield Park Triangle Residents Association (SPTRA) have organised a meeting that will contain representatives from Thames Water and Ealing Council. A public meeting, which takes from at the Scout Hut on Rugby Road, from 7pm on 1st October, will give residents the chance to ask questions and hear what Thames Water will do to solve the problem.

    Councillor Andrew Steed said: "Do come along to let Thames Water know the problems you have experienced and we can ask them what they are to do to stop these incidents of bad odours from ruining our social life whilst we are in our gardens."

    Lib Dems in government helping the vulnerable

  • Article: Dec 19, 2013
    By Cllr Gary Malcolm in http://garymalcolm.blogspot.co.uk

    The Mayor of London announced some good news earler today (at the Mayor's Question Time) that Piccadilly line trains will stop properly at Turnham Green once modernisation work is complete. Although this may be a number of years off, he did make a commitment that tubes will stop all night when the Piccadilly line becomes part of the "Night Tube" in 2015.

  • Article: Sep 12, 2013
    By Cllr Gary Malcolm in http://garymalcolm.blogspot.co.uk

    Write-up of the Southfield Ward Forum meeting (11th Sept)

    At today's meeting in the Carlton Road Day Centre a number of important local matters were discussed including the Piccadilly Line at Turnham Green consultation and a range of items funded by the ward forum's budget.

    I chaired the meeting alongside Liberal Democrat councillors Andrew Steed and Harvey Rose. First of all I indicated that residents who wanted Piccadilly line tubes to stop at Turnham Green should fill in the two minute consultation which can be found here.

  • Jon Ball outside Ealing Hospital
    Article: Jul 5, 2013

    At a packed meeting in Ealing last Friday, Councillor Jon Ball, was selected by local party members to fight the Ealing Central and Acton parliamentary constituency for the Liberal Democrats.

    After his selection, Jon Ball issued a challenge to the incumbent Conservative MP for the seat Angie Bray, saying, "What, if anything, has Angie Bray actually achieved for local residents 3 years in to a 5 year term? She has a busy diary but does not seem to get beyond meetings to delivering results."

    Jon Ball secured the highest ever Liberal Democrat vote in Ealing in 2010, securing 13,041 votes in the marginal Ealing Central & Acton seat.Earlier, in a wide-ranging speech, Jon commented on the state of the three parties, saying:
    "A Labour Party standing against austerity would be a tough opponent. But Ed Milliband's Labour is not that party. He announced last weekend that any future Labour government would stick to the coalition's spending targets and would cap welfare spending. What would be the point of voting for austerity in a red rosette?

    Jon Ball added: "The Tories are tacking further right to ward off challenges from UKIP. Here in Ealing, that is especially acute as we have our own swivel-eyed loon, UKIP Councillor Benjamin Dennehy, a rampant self-publicist, who appeals to right wing voters. In 2015 he proposes to stand for UKIP here in Ealing Central & Acton and Angie Bray is nervously looking over her shoulder.

    Liberal Democrats are implementing policies in Government such as:

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Address: 24 Antrobus Road, Chiswick, W4.

Tel: 020 8752 1247 or 07813 205218

Email: jon@ealinglibdems.org.uk

Please see the news stories to see the campaigns the local Liberal Democrats are running in our area. Contact us if you can help in any way, whether it be to deliver FOCUS newsletters, take part in policy development or help at elections.

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