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  • Event: March 4, 2015 7:45 PM - 9:45 PM
    Boddington Gardens Sports Ground Pavillion, Boddington Gardens, Acton W3 9AQ

    Wednesday 4 March 2015
    Boddington Gardens Sports Ground Pavillion, Boddington Gardens, Acton W3 9AQ

  • Article: Mar 3, 2015

    Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, commenting on the results of the London Survey which reveals significant differences in Londoners' feelings of safety between day and night-time, when travelling by bus or the London Underground said:

    "It is really concerning that not all Londoners feel safe when travelling on buses or the tube, in particular at night.

  • Article: Feb 27, 2015

    Caroline Pidgeon AM, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson commenting on the announcement that Santander have won the new sponsorship deal for the cycle hire scheme said:

    "The bike hire scheme is a brilliant development but from day one it has been hindered by a poor sponsorship contract.Today's new sponsorship deal does look like a real improvement on the rotten deal struck with Barclays.

  • Article: Feb 26, 2015

    Despite there being many reasons why Ealing Council should not close Carlton Road Day Centre, a Council committee decided to shut the day centre this week.

    In the meeting it was clear that when shut, the users, many who have profound physical and learning disabilities, will be offered sub standard care elsewhere - many outside the borough. Some locations are not suitable for the many users who have wheelchairs. Also the social element to the day centre will be lost when users are split up and forced to locations individually or in small groups.

    It is expected that the day centre will close this Summer and the building will be sold by Ealing Council, possibly for expensive flats.

    It is a scandal that Labour-run Ealing Council continue to close day centres especially when we have shown that there are alternatives to providing the quality service at the same location or elsewhere in the borough. In a meeting recently, one senior Labour Councillor said: "We will do worse things in the future." Scandalous.

    The Liberal Democrats thank all of those who have shown an interest in this issue and helped in the campaign collecting signatures and delivering leaflets about the matter.

  • Caroline Pidgeon attending the Space for Cycling bike ride May 2014
    Article: Feb 26, 2015

    Caroline Pidgeon AM, commenting on today's report by the insurance company Aviva which has analysed police road traffic collision data between 2009 to 2013 on London's roads said:

    "These figures confirm that cycling around many gyratories and especially roundabouts such as the Elephant and Castle is nothing less than a Tour de Danger for cyclists.

  • Article: Feb 21, 2015

    Despite the rain and the cold weather, it was a wonderful Southfield Ward Forum meeting in St Albans Church. Since the church was saved from being converted into a number of luxury flats we looked forward to using the venue for public meetings.

    The meeting was kicked off by Rev Mike Tufnell who updated residents of future events to be held in the large church. Although I am not religious, churches like St Albans are amazing places due to the arhitecture and the stained glass windows. The next Ward Panel meeting that will take place in the church we hope to be in the Summer.

  • Caroline Pidgeon and Robin Meltzer supporting campaign against water cannon
    Article: Feb 12, 2015

    Caroline Pidgeon commenting on the statement made today by the Bill Bratton, New York's police commissioner, that the use of water cannon had become an "anathema" in the US said:

    "Bill Bratton's intervention on this issue is both timely and helpful. However I fear he will join a long list of people that the Mayor has decided to ignore on this issue, including of course the London Assembly.

  • Article: Feb 11, 2015
    In Southfield Ward Focus

    In our February newsletter you can read about a Council initiative to help warm your home, details of the next Southfield Ward Forum meeting in St Albans Church and the scandal of Ealing Council's wasteful spending.

    Ward Forum meeting - 19th February

    Ward Forum meetings are local meetings that take place four times a year and they give a chance for residents to hear about and discuss local topics and give feedback about Council services. The next ward forum will take place in St Albans Church, South Parade, at 7.30 pm on 19th February.

  • Article: Feb 9, 2015

    Caroline Pidgeon AM, leader of the Liberal Democrat London Assembly Group, commenting on the Mayor's plans for London's road network which he has announced in the United States today said:

    "This is exactly the kind of announcement that the Mayor of London should make in London ideally at a press conference, where London's media, including local newspapers can properly question the Mayor on his specific proposals.

  • Caroline Pidgeon attending the Space for Cycling bike ride May 2014
    Article: Feb 6, 2015

    "Caroline Pidgeon AM, Leader of the Liberal Democrat London Group, commenting on today's decision by Transport for London's Board to support the proposed Cycle Superhighways said.

    "I very much welcome the Board seeing sense and supporting safe cycling infrastructure in London

    "We need to move into the 21st century and embrace the fact that more and more people are cycling.